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The Table - 6 meters of Efficiency.

Imagine an Italian family enjoying a great home cooked meal whilst laughing, in a movie scene, or a meeting at a table of eminence, beauty and deliberate solutions, stunning even the most picky chairpersons with its grandeur.

Whether you are hosting a dinner party or a business meeting our tables will satisfy your needs and your eyes, with its Scandinavian premium quality and modern design. You can have the table in any size and style suitable for your individual purpose and wishes.


The table is custom made in an array of wooden materials like Smoked Oak, Stained Oak, Ash, Walnut and Wenge. Get a raw look with an oiled finish, or an almost mirror like one as the result of several layers of fine lacquer, which can be a delicate Nordic mat style or a distinct and unique high gloss appearance.

The signature 45° angle in edge and discrete metallic decor in brass or steel, added on the table edge, legs or anywhere you desire, completes the tasty impression.

With practical brass cable outlets and a robust structure, you and your co-workers are set to collaborate under the best conditions.

Up to 1½ meters in width and 6 meters in length, holding room for more than 22 sitting people, you will never be short for space again. The height is 50 cm for coffee tables and 74 cm for dining tables and office desks.

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